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Abstract. Recently, learning mathematics doesn’t enough just find a solution of routine problems. Students should have skills and competence to solve non routine or open ended problems. Open ended problems can promote mathematical creativity, improve their understanding, and motivate students to develop their ideas. Creativity is an important point in education not only in mathematics because it is needed to solve daily problems. The rapidly changing of technological and a limited of natural resources encourage someone to be creative and no surrender in facing daily life. Therefore, it need a tool to practice and direct students especially in learning mathematics by problem solving of open ended problems.

This paper will discuss a role of open ended problems to promote mathematical creativity and some example of problems.

Keywords: problem solving, open-ended problem, creativity

Makalah dipresentasikan pada The 3rd International Conference on Mathematics and Statistics (ICoMS-3), Institut Pertanian Bogor, Indonesia, 5-6 August 2008 . Naskah lengkap icoms2008-tatagyes1

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